Tuesday, July 19, 2016

7 Easy Steps For A Smooth Skin Look

There is a method to the madness a woman does every morning as she fixes her face for make-up.  I call it my 7 Easy Steps for a smooth skin look. I have oily skin specifically in my T-zone area, and a bit ruddy in skin tone with a few age spots. I am thankful that having avoided the sun since my 30's have given me relatively few wrinkles which can easily be concealed. I have long experimented with a lot of ways on how to make my face look smoother (but not too made-up), and I find that these 7 steps does work for me, especially now that I have older skin. I hope it does for any woman at any age too.
  1.  Facial Cleanser - I prefer using a cleanser instead of soap because just a little goes a long way and it is gentler on the skin. There are many products in the market for different types of skin. I use those for sensitive and oily skin.
  2. Toner - When I was younger, I used astringents to control facial oil and minimize my pores, but now that I am older, it is more prudent to use toners instead. This helps cleanse whatever dirt or residue left after cleansing.
  3. Moisturizer with SPF 30 - I am a big fan of moisturizers. I started using them when I was in my early 20's and I believe that this really helped in minimizing wrinkles in my face. Now-a-days, most moisturizers are also sunscreens with SPF, ranging from 15 to 30. Some are even tinted which helps cover up minor facial blemishes.
  4. Primer (or Base) or BB cream - I usually use a primer all over my face, if the weather is warm.  If it's cold, a BB cream will suffice and only on age spots or blemishes. I like the Korean brands because they seem to do the job better, maybe because they invented the thing.
  5. Concealer if needed - I use this only under my eyes, especially when I did not get enough sleep the night before or if I was going to a formal event which need a full make-up look.
  6. Foundation - after all of the above, your face does not seem to look like it needs more product. But a good foundation has the power to bring your entire look together, so don't miss it. I use a matte foundation and take time to blend it well, adding more in areas where it is needed.
  7. Loose Powder - this is needed to set your foundation for a flawless look.  I apply this all over my face except the eye area, with a round brush instead of a sponge. Why not the eye area? Well, because I find that my eyeshadow and eyebrow powder does not last long on powdered skin, so that after I am done doing my eyes, I apply finishing pressed powder instead.




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