Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Age Is But A Number

In the lunar new year, 1956 and 2016 are Fire Monkey years.  I am not an astrology fan but, I was born in 1956 and it was nice to know that the fire monkey appears only every 60 years, making this my year. In 2 months, I will leave my 50's behind and as I begin my senior years, what better time to begin a new blog about life after 59.  Last year, a day before my 59th birthday, I wrote a post in one of my blogs about dealing with life changes.  Everything I wrote in that post are lessons I learned through the years, and I realized that there are still so many things to learn, as well as to share experiences with others. Yes, life as a senior citizen begins at 60 but, contrary to common perception, becoming senior does not make one old. Age is but a number! 

This blog will give another meaning to the life as a senior citizen and... it's not old age

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